Closing of entries postponed to Sunday, July 12th

Thanks to the collaboration of the FIA and Eurosport Events, entries for the Rally di Roma Capitale, which should have closed on the evening of Wednesday July 8th, will remain open until 24:00 on Sunday July 12th.

This extraordinary decision has been taken to try to help drivers coming from non-Schengen areas who will benefit from these additional days to find the diplomatic agreements that will allow them not to miss the first round of the FIA European Rally Championship 2020 season.

Entries can be made only and exclusively through the official FIA portal at the link https://registrations.fia.com/rally.

In the meantime the affection from all over Europe for the Rally di Roma Capitale has been really strong, with dozens of important entries and a great number of R5 cars ready to compete for the win
At the moment the event will be without spectators, even if the Italian Government will release a new DPCM (scheduled on July 15th) and there might be a chance that it could implement some changes.

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