Safety is a priority at the Rally di Roma Capitale thanks to the new standards introduced by the WRC Promoter in the European Rally Championship 2022

07.06.2022 – The arrival of WRC Promoter at the direction of the FIA European Rally Championship 2022, as already happens in the World Rally Championship, is one of the main novelties that are ahead for the forthcoming Rally di Roma Capitale that is scheduled for next July 22-24.

The event organized by Max Rendina and Motorsport Italia will count on a new series of safety procedures which will increase the safety standards of the Rally di Roma Capitale. Since its first edition, this event has always placed safety at the centre of the organization process and these aspects are still of paramount importance in the planning of the mid-long term growth of the rally.

“The most important novelty - Gianluca Marotta, the Race Director of the event also this year, explained – is the SAS Tracking Unit devised to increase the safety of the event and the real-time check of what happens. This software has already been successfully introduced in the World Rally Championship and improves the response time in case of emergency allowing faster and more lucid management of critical situations”.

This system allows following in real-time several parameters like the distance run, instant and average speed. There are a lot of practical cases in which the SAS Track Unit improves the work of Race Direction. For example, when a car stops on a stage, within a few seconds the system and the devices installed on each car identify any possible emergency situation. The same happens in case of a stage needs to be stopped, as the crews can exchange information regarding the blocking of the road through a dedicated button.

At the same time, the SAS Track Unit provides the timing of the event and the management of times of the whole rally. This great technological improvement facilitates the work of Race Direction as some crucial aspects can be directly managed by artificial intelligence.

Another great novelty of this 10th edition of the Rally di Roma Capitale is the chance, for Race Direction, to have the onboards of the first 20 cars in such a way to see the footage in case of incidents or critical situations during stages and understand the dynamics of the events not only through the GPS tracking but also through the camera cars.

“Safety is a crucial aspect of the Rally di Roma Capitale - Motorsport Italia’s patron Max Rendina added, - it has always been. This new collaboration with WRC Promoter allowed us to raise the bar further, which will make us to reach an unprecedented safety standard in our race”.

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