The new and innovative web platform to regulate access to the Rally di Roma Capitale is now ready

25.05.2020 – The new web platform that Rally di Roma Capitale and Motorsport Italia devised in collaboration with ACI Sport for the 2020 edition of the rally will go live tomorrow. This is an automatic system to allow drivers, teams, staff, officers, media and spectators to register to obtain a free-of-charge pass to watch the race or work at the event.

A short video-tutorial is available on the social networks and on the website of the Rally di Roma Capitale to explain how to use the platform that will be available from www.rallydiromacapitale.it and from the official app available for Android and iOS.

The platform is similar to a webpage and comprises two macro-sections. Spectators* could access the dedicated area, while staff will have to choose their pass among the available categories: ACI Sport, tow-trucks, chrono-men, marshals, stewards, rescue team, Eurosport, tyres staff, organization, media, FIA members, medical operators, Covid-19 medical operators, radio/GPS and team.

All the sections – both for spectators* and staff – will require details on the contacts and will send an email with the pass code that will entitle to the access to work areas for staff and spectators areas for fans* and media.

The procedure for spectators will be enabled as soon as the COVID-19 emergency regulations will allow. Each spectator will have to choose at most one area for each stage. At the end of the selection, the guided procedure will generate the personal pass codes for the selected area and will send them by email. These codes will have to be used in conjunction to an auto-certification stating the good state of health of the holder. Both documents will have to be printed, filled and shown to Covid-19 operators during the event. Once on the venue, staff will register the access of people to all areas, that are already set up to contain a specific number of fans.

The areas to obtain staff passes will be password-protected and passwords will be given by organizers. The mechanism will be similar to that of spectators* areas, with the only exception that areas will not have to be specified as the pass codes already provide access to the correct areas. At the end of the procedure, the codes will be sent by email and will have to be printed alongside the auto-certification of the good state of health that, after a triage check, will entitle to access the working areas.

The media procedure will involve a further step. The email containing the pass code will also include the pass accreditation form to be filled in and that must be signed and sent to the Press Office that will confirm the acceptance of the accreditation.

*the procedure to request spectators passes will be activated as soon as the COVID-19 regulations will allow

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