The Rally di Roma Capitale of July 28 - 30 has been presented

The event organized by Max Rendina and Motorsport Italia will bring the spectacle of rally to the capital. Over 90 crews from all over Europe are expected to compete in both the European and Italian Championships.

20.07.2023 - The official press conference ahead of the Rally di Roma Capitale 2023 took place on Thursday, July 20, at 11:30 am in the Sala delle Bandiere at Campidoglio in Rome. The event organized by Max Rendina and Motorsport Italia is the sixth round of the FIA European Rally Championship and the fifth round of the Sparco Italian Rally Championship.

In attendance were Alessandro Onorato, the Councilor for Major Events, Sports, Tourism and Fashion of Roma Capitale; Giuseppina Fusco, President of the Automobile Club Roma; Flavio Siniscalchi, Head of the Department for Sports of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers; Daniele Leodori, Vice President of the Lazio Regional Council; Pasquale Ciacciarelli, Councilor for Urban Planning, Housing Policies, Public Housing, and Sea Policies of the Lazio Region; and Max Rendina, the creator of the Rally di Roma Capitale.

Also present were Giovanni Malagò, President of CONI, Angelo Sticchi Damiani, President of the Automobile Club d'Italia, Elena Palazzo, Councilor for Environment, Sports, Climate Change, Energy Transition and Sustainability of the Lazio Region; Iain Campbell, FIA European Rally Championship Manager, Marco Rogano, CEO of ACI Sport Spa; Giovanni Mottura, President of ATAC, Pietro Stabile, Head of the Environment, Sports, Climate Change sector of the Lazio Region, Stefania Rossetti, Councilor of Peter Pan Onlus and Moreno Paggi, President of SS Lazio Wheelchair Basketball.

The Rally di Roma Capitale, the most important Italian event and winner of the best national and European event awards from 2019 to 2022, will take place from July 28 to 30 as one of the most prestigious sports events of the Roman summer. It will feature over 92 crews from 25 different nations, including the top drivers in the continental scene. The 2023 Rally di Roma Capitale has set a record for the number of participants in this season of the FIA ERC and has planned a series of activities and initiatives for enthusiasts, tourists and curious spectators.

The big event will take place on Friday, July 28, with the city of Rome at the centre. Although the logistical hub of the event will be in Fiuggi, which will host the Race Direction, paddock and boxes, all participants will descend to Rome in the afternoon of July 28 after completing the free practice in Fumone. The cars will be parked at the Mouth of Truth and, from that point, escorted by the Local Police Forces of Rome Capitale, they will travel in groups of 15 along a scenic route through the city centre until they reach the Colosseum, where they will regroup. The parade route is being finalized and will be announced in the coming days.

At the Colosseum, after media activities involving the drivers, the Rally di Roma Capitale will officially begin. From 20:00, the competitors will go up to the starting platform and immediately after, they will tackle the competitive test at Colle Oppio, providing the first taste of the sporting challenge. Open to the public, this area will also be set up with exhibition areas, a lounge area and space to closely follow every phase of this electrifying start, made possible by the crucial collaboration with the Office of Major Events and the Department of Major Events, Tourism, Sports and Fashion of Roma Capitale.

After the adrenaline-filled start, the cars will return to Fiuggi, where they will be based until Sunday, and where an impactful Rally Village will be set up with activities for adults, children and families. Among the various informational corners, there will be safe driving activities, collaboration with law enforcement agencies, food and wine stands, sports activities and awareness initiatives, including a collaboration with SS Lazio Wheelchair Basketball.

From a sporting perspective, the rally will resume on Saturday from 9:00 with six special stages, including the long "Rocca di Cave - Subiaco," a challenging 32.30-kilometre stage, the longest of the championship so far. The program for the day will also include "Guarcino-Altipiani di Arcinazzo" and the "Rocca di Cave-Subiaco," both to be repeated twice. At the midpoint and end of the day, the competitors will make a stop at the service park set up at the Fiuggi thermal baths.

Sunday will be the second full day of the race, with another six timed stages, with three to be repeated twice: "Fiuggi", "Alatri" and "Santopadre" the latter being a challenging 29.08-kilometre stage. The finish, with the finish ceremony, is scheduled in the centre of Fiuggi on Sunday, July 30, starting at 18:00.

The event will also focus on environmental aspects. As the first rally in Europe to receive two stars under the FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme, the Rally di Roma Capitale has increased its attention to these aspects for the 2023 edition. Efforts will include the use of electric or hybrid staff vehicles, agreements with certified suppliers for environmentally friendly practices, the use of certified recycled plastic for a significant portion of the materials, the provision of low-consumption generators and renewable energy sources for power supply, meticulous waste management practices, plastic-free catering at the Fiuggi paddock and dedicated communication campaigns.

Regarding safe driving and road education, a public conference titled "The road is not a video game" will be held on Tuesday, July 25, at 18:30 at the Teatro Comunale in Piazza Trento e Trieste, Fiuggi. The event will feature representatives from the Municipality of Fiuggi, the Automobile Club Frosinone and the collaboration of Safety Drive School and the Gaia von Freymann Foundation. This central and valuable theme will also be addressed during specific moments at the Fiuggi Village.

The media and television coverage of the event will be rather extensive, with live coverage by WRC+ All Live, the official on-demand channel of the FIA European Rally Championship with worldwide distribution. In addition to comprehensive web broadcasts, the footage will be broadcast on every continent, from Africa to America, Australasia and Europe. In Europe, live TV broadcasts from the special stages will be provided by SKY Sport, while ACI Sport, the promoter of the Sparco Italian Rally Championship, will create a dedicated schedule across ACI Sport TV, RAI Sport and the federation's social media and web channels. In addition, there will be in-depth coverage and reports on all local broadcasters and on the web channel Motorsport Italia TV.

Alessandro Onorato, Roma Capitale’s Councilor for Major Events, Sports, Tourism and Fashion.
"We are proud to host the Rally di Roma in the heart of the Capital once again. For this eleventh edition, we wanted to confirm the route with views of the Colosseum and Colle Oppio: the most iconic places in our wonderful city. A postcard of Rome that, on July 28th, will reach the screens of motorsport enthusiasts from all around the world: from Asia to North America, from Central-South America to the entire Old Continent, Africa and Australia. This sports event will once again be a significant boost to the Roman economy, just like last year. The Rally di Roma is an excellent showcase for tourists, to whom we intend to provide new incentives through major events, in addition to the ones already attracted naturally by the cultural and archaeological heritage, encouraging them to make a second or third trip to the Eternal City".

Flavio Siniscalchi, head of the Department for Sports of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers
“Building a major sports event in today's world requires reconciling several aspects: in addition to economic, touristic and cultural sustainability, the importance of environmental sustainability is now a crucial concern. The Rally di Roma Capitale stands out for its forward-thinking approach, evidenced by its two-star accreditation in the FIA Environmental Accreditation Program. The presence of the Department for Sport testifies to the support for high-level events and the recognition of the economic and social returns of sports. We are confident that our efforts will be rewarded with the well-deserved success of the Rally di Roma Capitale, an event befitting Italy with a rich motor racing tradition".

Giuseppina Fusco, President of Automobile Club Roma
“The Rally di Roma Capitale is, of course, a significant event for the city, continuing Rome's long tradition with motorsport events. However, I also want to highlight another aspect related to the collateral initiatives involving environmental sustainability and road safety. Max Rendina and Motorsport Italia have implemented a series of initiatives in these areas, which have gained our strong support. Best of luck for this eleventh edition".

Pasquale Ciacciarelli, Councilor for Urban Planning, Housing Policies, Public Housing and Sea Policies of the Lazio Region
“The Lazio Region continues to run alongside the Rally di Roma Capitale for this eleventh edition as well. Over the years, this event has provided visibility, promotion, and economic benefits to our region with a route spanning over 800 kilometers, touching a wide area beyond Rome. Best of luck to the entire team that has worked with dedication to offer a classic yet innovative event”.

Daniele Leodori, Vice President of the Lazio Regional Council
"It has been great teamwork, a significant synergy that allows this event to continue growing and adding important elements of visibility, promotion and economic benefits year after year. The Rally di Roma Capitale is a central event in the annual schedule, and I am confident that it will provide great emotions once again this year.”.

Max Rendina, creator of the Rally di Roma Capitale
“I would like to thank Roma Capitale and Councilor Onorato, who have granted us once again the incredible setting of the Colosseum, ACI, who has been supporting us since 2013, the Lazio Region, which stands by our side with enthusiasm and the Ministry of Sports, which has backed us this year. Also, I express my gratitude to all the local administrations involved, starting with Fiuggi, the law enforcement agencies, our partners and the entire team that is working tirelessly. The effort is truly significant and increasingly demanding. We have prepared an extraordinary edition, and we cannot wait to share it with everyone. We look forward to welcoming you all in Rome from July 28th to 30th".

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