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Remember that any space or commercial offer related to the Rally di Roma Capitale is sold exclusively by Motorsport Italia, without any delegation to third parties.


Edition 2022 of the Rally di Roma Capitale had a turn-out of over 120.000 people for a certified media turnaround of 5 Million euros, 8 Million TV spectators, and a total cumulated impression (i.e. web and social media activities) well beyond 7 Million. This success made the Rally di Roma the third most important event in the Capital and the most prestigious event of the European Rally Championship and Italian Rally Championship.

Edition 2023 of Rally di Roma Capitale, the event organized by Motorsport Italia and Max Rendina for July 28-30 in Rome, Fiuggi and throughout the Regione Lazio -- which this year will also feature live TV coverage -- offers an important visibility chance for investors and partners that have partnered and will partner with Motorsport Italia to sustain and boost the growth and the success of the event.

Becoming a partner of the Rally di Roma Capitale provides several chances to strengthen the brand's reputation in terms of presence, commitment, visibility and strategic communication.

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