Edition 2022 has been introduced: the rally to get underway next July 22-24

14.07.2022 – The tenth edition of the Rally di Roma Capitale has been introduced this morning in Campidoglio, in the Sala Laudato Si. The event organized by Max Rendina and Motorsport Italia is scheduled for next July 22-24 as the only event in Italy with the double validity of FIA European Rally Championship and Sparco Italian Rally Championship.

The Councilor for Big Events of Roma Capitale Alessandro Onorato, ACI’s Director for Motorsport Marco Ferrari, the Delegate of the President of Sport for Regione Lazio Roberto Tavani, the President of Automobile Club Roma Giuseppina Fusco and Max Rendina, the patron of the Rally di Roma Capitale were all present at the event.

During the press conference, a video message was sent by the Director of the Rally Department of the FIA Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile Andrew Wheatley, CONI‘s President Giovanni Malagò, Automobile Club d’Italia’s President Angelo Sticchi Damiani, ACI Sport Spa’s General Director Marco Rogano and FIA ERC General Manager Iain Campbell.

The Regional Councilor Pasquale Ciacciarelli, the President of the Association Peter Pan Roberto Mainiero that has been partnering with the event once more and Team Manager of Motorsport Italia Bruno De Pianto contributed from the meeting room, the latter describing the itinerary and the program of the event.

Edition 2022 of the Rally di Roma Capitale will certainly be one not to be missed due to a long list of side events that will reinforce the spectacular features of this sporting meeting. The event placed Rome again at the centre of the program but also confirmed Fiuggi as the technical headquarter. The big happening will have its highest moment on Friday, July 22nd with the extraordinary start from Castel Sant’Angelo at local 19:00. All the cars will go through the Rome Parade, a city walk downtown the Eternal City, that has been the added value of the event which has received enthusiastic appreciations from all over the world.

After this blasting start, the first surprise will be the Spectacle Stage at the Colosseum which will turn the spotlight on the sporting event also with an exclusive VIP Lounge branded Rally di Roma Capitale. In the area of the Colle Oppio Motorsport Italia’s technicians devised a spectacular and exciting itinerary that follows the great success of the Terme di Caracalla test that characterized the past edition. In front of the Colosseum, which is a symbol of Rome all over the world, Rally di Roma Capitale will ideally celebrate its 10th anniversary made of passion, success and racing.

History of passion connects together at the Rally di Roma Capitale thanks to strong partners like Sparco, which has designed a splendid range from the Sparco Teamwear to provide clothing to all the staff of the event. Other high-level partnerships have been established with Audi and Lamborghini, which will provide cars for the staff as Peugeot and Renault, the latter is also working closely with Motorsport Italia as the provider of the cars of the Italian Rally Junior Championship.

To make it easy to reach Castel Sant’Angelo and the Colosseum tests, which is named ACI Roma to celebrate the entity that is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, Motorsport Italia will support the usage of the subway managed by ATAC, which is one of the partners of the event this year. The staff of the event, the media and all the fans could use the subway that has a station at Colosseum, very close to the venue of the test.

This initiative fits in the program for sustainability, which earned Rally di Roma Capitale di two stars in the FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme. During the event, Motorsport Italia will devote special care to recycling waste in all the areas of the rally and the disposal of dangerous waste will follow the strictest standards. The usage of electric or hybrid service cars and public transportation for the movements will contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the event.

A substantial collaboration will also involve MIIPAF Ministero delle Politiche Agricole, Alimentari e Forestali. On the occasion of the Special Stage at Colosseum that will end in Fiuggi several corners will be set up where to taste the blue fish. From the one side, this will promote the nutritional content of the blue fish, and on the other the consumption of local products that do not need transportation expenses following a “slow” lifestyle helps to take care of the environment, which is a crucial theme in this period.

Back to the sporting program, after the Colosseum stage, the rally will continue in the territory of Fiuggi and Frosinone on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 with a very technical itinerary comprising nearly 200 competitive km and 870 km of total liaison. The difficulty of the challenge will be increased by two tests: "Rocca di Cave-Subiaco", with a record length of 32.5 km, which is the longest of the FIA European Rally Championship and the Sparco Italian Rally Championship, and the “Santopadre-Fontana Liri” of 29.08 km, which will take place on Sunday and Saturday.

Fiuggi is going to be the sporting heart of the event with the paddock, divided into several zones, the stop controls at the end of the day, race direction, press offices and the stunning closing ceremony, which will be organized in the city centre, unlike the previous editions.

As usual, when the time comes for the Rally di Roma Capitale, media coverage is going to be very important. The TV coverage and streaming feeds of the event will be granted by the FIA ERC+ All Live, which is the revolutionary platform on demand that permits to follow all the stages during the rally. This is thanks to the big efforts of the new promoter of the European series, WRC Promoter, which is also working for the World Rally Championship. The satellite connection and the coverage, also available from fiaerc.com, including the stage at the Colosseum on SKY Sport Arena, will be granted by a helicopter bridge constantly flying over the areas of the rally.

The rally will also be covered by ACI Sport with the magazines and in-depth analysis on ACI Sport TV (Ch 228 SKY) and Motorsport Italia TV, which is the new web channel dedicated to sporting activities of the group available at www.motorsportitalia.tv

The exhibit of a Skoda Fabia Rally2 within the Terminal 1 Departures of the Fiumicino Airport has aroused a lot of enthusiasm. The car featuring the livery recently used by Max Rendina at the Rally Terre di Argil, is branded by Sparco, Pirelli, Skygate and Infiniti Servizi: this is an extraordinary business car for the event.

Another important media partnership has been established with Dimensione Suono Roma, which will follow the event through a special show from the Colosseum by Roberta Marchetti, Geppo and Ignazio. Il Messaggero is the media partner of the Rally di Roma Capitale 2022 and several specials will be aired on local TV channels and national news magazines.

The rally supports also this year the Peter Pan association which takes care of the hospitality and support to children suffering from oncological diseases and their families in the Houses of the Association. Thanks to this support, the Rally di Roma Capitale aims to highlight the important work done by Peter Pan and move the big heart of motorsport people to contribute to the activities of the Association.

Alessandro Onorato | Councilor Grandi Eventi | Roma Capitale
“The Rally di Roma celebrates its 10th edition, this is an important result for an appointment that extends the calendar of big events that Rome is back to hosting. With the organizers, we defined an extraordinary location for the opening leg. For the first time ever, the cars will go through the new city stage of Colle Oppio, with the Colosseum – the most iconic image of Rome – in the background. This is going to be a spectacular postcard promoting the image of Rome and its Great Beauty, as the amazing images of the rally will be broadcast all over the world. In accordance with Major Gualtieri and the City Council, we supported the project due to its interest and contributed to the communication campaign that includes billboards, posters on the back of buses, radio and social media commercials. Engines are one of the distinctive tracts of Italy in the world. This excellence is part of our lifestyle, culture and values as history and the beauty of the landscapes. This model drives a great touristic attraction and, thanks also to the precious collaboration with ACI, we aim to add further value to the historic initiatives like the Rally di Roma and devise some new ones".

Angelo Sticchi Damiani | President | Automobile Club d’Italia
“I have to congratulate Max Rendina and his staff again for the big efforts put in for such an important event that brings the European Championship to the most beautiful city in the world. I confirm all our support and best wishes to them. May this be another memorable event”.

Giuseppina Fusco | President | Automobile Club Roma
“Automobile Club Roma has been close to the event since day one and our trust in the organizers has been rewarded as this event has grown over time climbing up the sporting ladder and becoming a stable presence in the European Championship. I want to thank Max Rendina and express my appreciation to him for bringing the Rally di Roma Capitale, a very attractive sporting event, back to our city. I also wish to highlight that the first motorsport event took place in Rome on February 22nd, 1925: the Reale Premio di Roma, a race organized by Automobile Club Roma. In the year of our 100th anniversary and the tenth of the Rally di Roma, we have to thank the Administrators and Councilor Onorato for bringing motorsport back to the heart of our City: the setting of the Colosseum, the most famous monument in the world, is going to make the Rally di Roma Capitale a unique event!”.

Giovanni Malagò | President | CONI
“Rally di Roma Capitale: an important anniversary. This event has grown a lot becoming a traditional appointment that is part of the world of motorsport, which I know well and has been close to the history of my life. I am happy that Rome is hosting it. I send a big hug to Max, who dreamed, designed and realized this event”.

Marco Ferrari | Motorsport Director | Automobile Club d’Italia
“In my career, I have seen thousands of events, but I am from Rome and watching a rally going through the city of Rome and in front of the Colosseum is something unique. This is national pride, a privilege for the whole sporting community, not only for Rome’s. My thanks go to Max Rendina, as the Federation we support his work and I know all the difficulties he faces to make this adventure a successful one”.

Andrew Weathley | Director | Rally FIA Department
“In the name of the FIA Rally Department, I wish to thank Rally di Roma Capitale and our friends of Automobile Club d’Italia. The FIA European Rally Championship is facing a transition: it has a new promoter, new fans and a new sporting chapter. Rome embraced this opportunity and will benefit from the media coverage granted by the All Live format. Fans from all over the world will follow the racing action located in one of the most beautiful venues. I believe this is going to be a successful, spectacular and safe event. We cannot wait to see the rally gladiators fight with each other on the tests”.

Roberto Tavani | President Delegate for Sport | Regione Lazio
"I bring the salute of President Zingaretti and of the whole Regional Council. To us, the Rally di Roma Capitale is a traditional and unmissable appointment and we added it to the “Delibera di Programmazione Sportiva della Regione Lazio” together with other important sporting events. We are happy to welcome this tenth edition, which is an important result and we wish to thank all the people that contributed to this. It is an event that showcases our territory and the 46 municipalities involved: this is going to be a great motorsport party. The start from Castel Sant’Angelo is the moment that I like the most as it is close to the territory I come from, therefore I will not miss this appointment”.

Marco Rogano | General Director | ACI Sport Spa
“The Rally di Roma Capitale is an event that is repeated every year and that never stops surprising the fans. The choice to open the rally at Colosseum will make the event unique in the world in front of such a special monument. This is going to be a prestigious rally, as it has always been. From my end, I wish to thank the organizers that provided the chance to insert the Sparco Italian Rally Championship into a European event and I hope that our Italian drivers will show their best on the home turf”.

Max Rendina | Rally di Roma Capitale
“I cannot hide the excitement this time around. When I think about all the work done over the years, reaching the tenth edition is a prestigious result and we want to honour it at our best. I want to thank all the institutions that support us: Roma Capitale, Regione Lazio, FIA, Automobile Club d’Italia and ACI Roma as well as all the many partners that are by our side for this historic edition. Another special thank you goes to all my team, 1100 people that are working and will work for the event. We put in a huge effort to confirm Rome as the centre of the opening day and I can guarantee that the spectacle stage at the Colosseum will be amazing, unrepeatable and magical. We all dreamed of taking the rally close to one of the symbols of Rome and Italy in the world and realizing this will write a legendary page in the history of this event as well as in the Italian and International motorsport”.

Roberto Mainiero | President | Association Peter Pan Onlus
“Knowing that Peter Pan’s children are in the heart of our dear friend Max Rendina and all the organization of the 10th Rally di Roma Capitale also this year is a joy. Thank you for the visibility they will provide us. We wish to thank all the sponsors and fans that will decide to help us support the little oncological patients that reach Rome from all around the world to be treated. Their families will find free-of-charge hospitality at the Big House of Peter Pan for the duration of the therapies. We can all be part of their healing!".

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