FIA awards Rally di Roma Capitale with the three stars of the FIA Environmental Accreditation Framework

09.10.2023 – The International Automobile Federation (FIA) has officially awarded the Rally di Roma Capitale with the prestigious recognition of three stars within the FIA Environmental Accreditation Framework. This exceptional achievement follows the audit conducted during the event held last July.

This is the highest recognition that rewards events actively working on the implementation and promotion of environmentally sustainable practices in motorsport. The Rally di Roma Capitale, conceived by Max Rendina and organized by Motorsport Italia, has thus made history by becoming the only round of the FIA European Rally Championship to receive this prestigious title. This journey began several years ago and continues to raise awareness for environmental best practices, previously earning the event two stars.

One of the crucial aspects that confirmed this award, as stated in the document, was Motorsport Italia’s great attention to putting in a shared effort to protect and conserve the historical heritage of the centre of Rome, where the event started, right under the shadow of the Colosseum. This was made possible through vital collaboration with the Office of Major Events and Roma Capitale’s Councilor for Major Events, Tourism and Sport, Alessandro Onorato.

Implementation of waste recycling, the use of 100% hybrid or electric staff vehicles thanks to the collaboration with Renault as Electric Car Partners of the Rally di Roma Capitale, drastic reduction in paper materials, use of certified recycled plastics, and guaranteed electrical supply through renewable sources are some of the other factors that allowed the Rally di Roma Capitale to achieve this crucial recognition.

Max Rendina, the tireless creator of the Rally di Roma Capitale, enthusiastically declared: “We are extremely proud to receive this recognition from the FIA, for which we have worked very hard with the involvement of our entire staff. It is the result of years of commitment to promoting sustainability in the world of rallying, on which we will continue to focus our energy and attention. We want to ensure that our event continues to grow and positively contribute to the environment, both directly and indirectly, and this recognition is just a new starting point to raise the bar even higher. This milestone also strengthens the role of the Rally di Roma Capitale in the field of environmental responsibility within international rally competitions”.

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