Rally di Roma Capitale 2024: a renewed commitment to environmental excellence

After achieving three stars within the FIA Environmental Programme, the event, valid as the fifth round of the FIA European Rally Championship and the Sparco Italian Rally Championship, strengthens the initiatives aimed at environmental conservation and protection.
Rome, May 2nd, 2024 – The Rally di Roma Capitale, scheduled for July 28th and 29th, 2024, as the fifth round of the FIA European Rally Championship and the Sparco Italian Rally Championship, continues its commitment to environmental protection for this edition with a series of initiatives aimed at maintaining the three stars obtained last year within the important FIA Environmental Programme.Always sensible to these issues, the event conceived by Max Rendina and organized by Motorsport Italia in collaboration with Roma Capitale, the Councillor for Major Events, Sports, Tourism, and Fashion Alessandro Onorato, and the Lazio Region with the Councillor for Tourism, Environment, Sports, Climate Change, Energy Transition, and Sustainability Elena Palazzo, intensifies the initiatives for this purpose for the upcoming July edition.Since last year, the Rally di Roma Capitale has appointed an Environmental Manager who guides the team in compliance with the rigorous environmental regulations outlined in the plan throughout all the preparatory, organizational, and operational work during the race week. Long-term sustainability objectives and targets guide this approach meticulously.This year’s event will see a further evolution of environmental policy, specifically focusing on waste minimization. Mandatory recycling areas will again be set up in the Service Park in collaboration with Diodoro Ecologia and in the special stages to ensure the correct disposal of pollutants by both the competing teams and the audience. Washing of cars or mechanical parts will be prohibited in the service park to minimize water consumption, and all catering will be plastic-free. The tires used during the event will also be mandatorily disposed of by retailers, who will be required to recycle them through the sustainability programs mandated by the ministry.2024 also marks the third year of the awareness campaign among marshals, who play a fundamental role in demonstrating and promoting correct environmental practices. Training covers the management of environmental risks, including safe handling and disposal of hazardous materials, as well as the guidance role these figures provide to enthusiasts regarding safety and environmental conservation.The Rally di Roma Capitale will strongly support sustainable mobility encouraging car sharing and public transportation, significantly reducing the event’s overall emissions. All service vehicles will be electric or hybrid, as has been the case in the last three editions thanks to the collaboration with Renault. Minimizing traffic to and from Rome for the opening ceremony will be another focus of the environmental protocol: journalists, professionals and staff will travel from Fiuggi to Rome as much as possible using public transportation or carpooling, particularly through the partnership with ATAC.It should also be noted that, by choice, the rally route will avoid sensitive natural areas, minimizing impact on wildlife and contributing to the conservation of natural habitats. This aligns with the goal of reducing the event’s ecological footprint, further enhanced by continuing the ‘Save the Green’ initiative, which will plant a tree for each team registered for the rally. To reduce CO2 emissions and generate a greater economic return in the areas affected by the rally, local suppliers will be used for raw materials, production and transportation of semi-finished products.

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