Rally di Roma Capitale, the big plan to follow the race on TV and streaming from home

23.07.2020 – The important coverage allowing the very many spectators and fans to follow the Rally di Roma Capitale 2020 is being defined. The event organized by Motorsport Italia will kick off the FIA European Rally Championship and Italian Rally Championship and will be run behind closed doors: no fans areas will be set up along the stages.

For this reason, all the broadcasters and promoters involved starting from Eurosport Events are committed to allowing the widest possible coverage of the event.
Four streaming connections will be available through the Facebook page of the European Championship ( Two of these will be on Saturday, from the SS “Roccasecca-Colle San Magno”, the first at local 10:02 and the second at 16:15. Two more streams will follow on Sunday: the first at 12:34 from SS11 “Rocca Santo Stefano Allianz Civitus” and the second from the SS15 “Guarcino SKY Gate” that will close the event and will report the comment of the winners.

Eurosport will dedicate 5 specials to the rally. On Saturday Eurosport 2 will broadcast the best moments of day 1 at 23:30 (replay at 1:00 on Eurosport 1), while the summary of day 2 will be shown on Sunday at 23:30 on Eurosport 2 and at 01:00 on Eurosport 1. A complete summary of the rally will be shown on Tuesday, July 28th at 23:00 on Eurosport 1.

The webpage of the Italian Rally Championship ( will have a virtually continuous stream with a studio from Service Park and connections from the special stages with action and interviews. ACI Sport devised one of the most intense coverages in the recent times for this occasion. The streaming will be live on Friday at 18:55 from Castel Sant’Angelo and on Saturday at 9:10, 11:05, 13:20, 15:20, 17:15 and 18:55. Six more streams will take place on Sunday at 8:30, 9:50, 12:15, 13:30, 16:00, 17:10.

MS Motor TV will follow the same ACI Sport format on its SKY 228 channel covering the connections on Friday at 18:55, Saturday at 11:05, 13:20, 15:20, 17:15, 18:55 and Sunday at 9:50, 12:15 and 17:10. MS Motor TV will then dedicate a series of specials “Planet Rally” to the event on Friday, July 31st and Friday, August 7th at 22:00. The same specials by Enzo Cerrone, will also be shown on freeview by MS Sport.

RAI Sport will also provide two live connections on Saturday at 20:30 and Sunday at 20:00. On Friday evening, TG2 will have a special dedicated to the event and the start from Castel Sant’Angelo. Two more connections, still to be defined, will also cover the racing action on Saturday. The complete media coverage of the Rally di Roma Capitale will be shortly published on the website of the Italian Rally Championship

The racing action will also be covered by the Rally di Roma Capitale socials Facebook (@rallydiromacapitale), Twitter (@rallydiroma) and Instagram (@rally_romacapitale).

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