The Rocca di Cave-Subiaco test of the 10th Rally di Roma Capitale is the longest of the Italian and European 2022 Championships

23.06.2022 – Max Rendina and Motorsport Italia set another record ahead of the 10th Rally di Roma Capitale, the rally scheduled for next July 22-24 as the fifth round of the Sparco Italian Rally Championship 2022 and the sixth of the FIA Europan Rally Championship 2022.

After announcing the 2022 itinerary, the program, Particular Regulations and therefore the Table of Distances and Times, which are available at the website, it has been clear that the rally will have a very high technical level: over 187 competitive km on a total liaison of 876 km, three competitive days and some stages that go beyond the usual lengths.

One of these is the new “Rocca di Cave-Subiaco” that revisits the historic “Rocca di Cave” test held in the past few editions. The new test will measure 32.5 km, which is the longest stage of the Sparco Italian Rally Championship 2022 and also of the FIA European Rally Championship 2022 so far.

The new stage will mix all the features that make up the charm of the Rally di Roma Capitale: some narrow sections, others wider, multiple tarmac changes, up and downhill sections, fast and slow sections. A stage like this is worth the victory by itself as it is difficult to find a similar one, in terms of lengths, in the annals of the Italian and European Championships.

This test will take place on Sunday, July 24th, during the last day which will add some further excitement and will underline the concept that the highest level of commitment all the way through is going to be needed to win the Rally di Roma Capitale 2022.

“Rocca di Cave-Subiaco” is not only going to be the only “monster” stage of the tenth edition of the rally. The leg on Saturday, July 23rd will include a stage of nearly 30 km too: the “Santopadre-Fontana Liri” measures in fact 29.08 km. This test is a longer version of the “Santopadre-Arpino” that has been run in the past years and will be an explosive mixture of excitement that will challenge men and vehicles.

“The itinerary of the 2022 rally – Max Rendina underlined – was first of all motivated by the desire to celebrate the 10th anniversary with something unprecedented. The Rocca di Cave-Subiaco is going to be one of our highlights, winning the Rally di Roma Capitale 2022 is not only going to require good speed, but also strategy and management. Drivers need to control the reaction of cars considering the length of stages like this and decide where to push and where to just go through. This is all part of the driving sensibility and will reward the strongest crews. It is going to be an amazing spectacle”.

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