The Rally di Roma Capitale 2023 implements activities for environmental sustainability.

The event organized by Max Rendina and Motorsport Italia aims to improve its position within the FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme, which has already awarded two stars to the Italian event of the FIA ERC.

29.06.2023 – The Rally di Roma Capitale is increasing its focus on the environment and good environmental practices. The event organized by Max Rendina and Motorsport Italia has already obtained two stars within the FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme, but the staff has increased their attention to these aspects to improve the ranking of the event within the international environmental program.

As the most important event of the Roman summer, scheduled from July 28th to 30th as the sixth round of the FIA European Rally Championship and fifth of the Sparco Italian Rally Championship, it has always been at the forefront regarding environmental aspects, and this year it will continue along this path.

The commitment will involve more than one aspect. This year, the staff vehicles will be electric or hybrid, and the materials needed for the secretariat, race management, and Rally Headquarters will be produced using certified suppliers for good environmental practices, to minimize CO2 emissions as much as possible both before and during the event. Other activities that will be implemented involve a significant portion of plastic materials being made from certified recycled plastic, as well as the identification bibs of course marshals being made from recycled material. The Race Officials will be instructed to thoroughly clean the equipment before leaving their positions.

The power supply for the service park in Fiuggi will be ensured through low-consumption generators, as well as energy from renewable sources. In addition, Diodoro Ecologia will closely monitor the waste collection system to determine the exact quantity of deposited materials. Attention to the environmental aspect will also be reserved for the Friday happening in the centre of Rome, thanks to the crucial collaboration with the Great Events Office and the Great Events, Sport and Tourism Councilor of Roma Capitale Mr. Alessandro Onorato.

The catering service in the service park will continue to be plastic-free, as it was in 2022. All special waste, such as used oils, will be managed within specially designated areas. Tyre specialists will collect used tyres at the end of the race. Car and wheel washing will be prohibited in the service park to prevent pollution and the desired behaviour will be encouraged through dedicated communication campaigns. Of primary importance is the campaign directed at the public, urging them to take their waste with them after enjoying the event.

The website has already published the Environmental Policy to raise awareness among all involved parties about the initiatives that need to be collectively implemented to further reduce the ecological footprint of the event.

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